All the best of the Internet, in the same place, as it happens. Mix your favorite content, be it blogs, Twitter feeds, YouTube channels and much more.


Your Fluxonaut dashboard is 100% customizable, mix content and choose what you want to see, then set filters, highlights, backgrounds, fonts and visualization mode to change the way you want to see it.


Share content with your friends on Fluxonaut's chat or other social media apps. Discover more content by browsing the public repository or through our own curated recommendations.


Fluxonaut aggregates historical economic data series and real-time financial data to help you make informed decisions and act fast about your investments.

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How does Fluxonaut work?

Fluxonaut is a news reader that can aggregate content from multiple types of sources, including RSS, social feeds, YouTube channels, market data and more. Once you set up your dashboard and indicate the blogs, sites, topics or data that you want to follow, our system will keep updating your stream of information with real-time updates based on your preferences.

Who is Fluxonaut for?

Fluxonaut is a platform thought for anyone wanting to easily access information that matches their content preferences, in a fast and organized way, no matter what their professional role or interests might be.

How can I get access to Fluxonaut?

If you're interested in acquiring Fluxonaut for you or your team, fill our interest form and a sales representative will get in touch to schedule a demo of our platform for you.