TL;DR: We are experiencing issues with our data provider and working hard to replace them.

A while ago, we did some research for a real-time data provider, so everyone who uses Fluxonaut could enjoy real-time charts and quotes tables. At that time, there was an up-and-coming startup with a similar goal than ours — to democratize access to financial information. And so we went on and integrated Alpha Vantage data into Fluxonaut with that common goal. Unfortunately, their service has proven to be unreliable at best. A lot of problems with their servers (constant downtimes), historical data sometimes appear inaccurate (and later "corrects itself"), among many others.

Complaining about others is no excuse, ultimately the error is ours, and we apologize if you are experiencing errors with real-time charts and quotes tables. We've reached a partnership with a well-established provider, Morningstar, and are working hard to get it running as soon as possible. We kindly ask for your patience while we switch for a much-improved provider with some updates on the charting experience as well. This change will be worth your while!