Today we are updating to v. 0.8.6. Here are the new features:

  • Twitter Search - A new window type (go to Add > NOW > Twitter Search) that allows you to create and monitor Twitter filters. For example, you can follow all tweets containing a specific keyword with at least 1000 retweets in New York City.
  • Brazilian Central Bank - You can now browse data from the Brazilian Central Bank Time Series Management System (SGS).
  • RSS Parsing - We developed a system that can now parse RSS with poor (or none) date formatting. This broadens the universe of RSSs that we can index quite a bite since there are many sources who don't properly format their DateTime.
  • Request retry - All request made to our servers now have retries, this kills a lot of bugs and handles poor user connection even better.
  • Avatars - Alongside with our brand new account creation page, we've also generated and integrated avatars for all our users (and the possibility to change it). Just go to Settings > Account > Change Avatar.
  • High-DPI partial fix - We've started to tackle the issue with High-DPI monitors. This one is a very tough one to fully fix, so what we did was a partial solution to the problem. Users with just one High-DPI monitor should have no problems using our software now (except for a bit of blurriness). Users with two or more monitors in which one or more are High-DPI should also be able to use it normally but will experience a few hard-to-crack bugs (that do not impair usability like before), we are aware of those and will address them as soon as possible.
  • Other bug fixes - Again, a lot of bug fixes! Since we are still working on core features, we'll start describing bug fixes in greater details only when we release our beta.

Regarding the long-awaited Chat and Sharing features, they are quite a bit behind schedule, but at least we are glad to say that they are shaping up to deliver on all our expectations and we plan to roll them out by the end of February/beginning of March (we are already testing them internally since December).