This update brings a lot of performance improvements (especially on the CPU usage side) and some bug fixes.

Change log:

  • Major fixes on rendering/animations (this reduced CPU usage by a whopping 90% on average)
  • Fixed memory build up on real-time charts
  • Client now displays a small warning when a new update is out
  • Login error handling improvements
  • Login back-end interaction rework
  • Fixed crashing bug if auth servers can't be reached
  • Fixed crashing bug on chart axis auto-adjust
  • Better/faster handling of items arrivals before displaying them to the user
  • Referral program now displays to whom you've sent a beta key to
  • Custom/improved client for HTTP requests
  • Better metadata for Highlights/Filters (to enable compatibility with mobile version)
  • Fixed Quote of the Day author font family

Be excited for the next update, we've been cooking up some of the most antecipated features like real-time market data and a streamlined feed search!