Features and enhancements

  • Better chart usability and visual experience
  • Ability to change chart series and/or frequency on settings
  • Update FluxonautBrowser version to 2.3.0
  • Refresh systems when user loses connection for an extended period (WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Chart and Quotes)

Bug fixes

  • Prevent Fluxonaut from crashing when unexpected errors occurs while updating
  • Validate name change to prevent crash when creating new window
  • Fix avatar loading when software is shutting down
  • "Add contact" button in chat now correctly disappears
  • Keep series colors when changing frequency and/or symbol
  • Window name is now properly applied when creating a new window using the enter key
  • Centralize new window correctly
  • Change top bar buttons from left to right in WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram

Update (Nov. 23) - Version 2.5.15

  • Hot fix: Prevent crashing when clear search button is pressed