Hello world!

This is our first blog post so maybe the best way to start is telling you what our app is all about. We are building an information aggregation (news, social media, financial data,... ) dashboard. You can basically add many kinds of feeds to custom windows that you create and spread through your screen(s) real estate. It's the perfect solution for information overload and we are sure that information junkies will love it.

The name, fluxonaut, is derived from the words flux (flow in latin, representing the flow of information) and naut (which means sailor, navigator), hence implying that our product is the navigator of the flow of information. Our dream is to change the way people consume information by providing a tool that puts you in control of the flow of information. We'll launch first the PC/Windows version coupled with the iOS and Android companion app. After those, we'll be moving to the Mac and Web versions (not settled on which will come first yet). We are a small team at the moment, so bear with us =).

So, what will this blog be about(?) you might ask. Well, we plan to post everything that we find relevant, interesting or useful here, ranging from economics and gaming to lifestyle and cooking tips. Of course, you can filter what you want to see using topics/tags, but since we are a small team we thought it would be best to post anything we stumble upon instead of trying to narrow it down to a topic and end up with a stale blog. Let's see how that strategy goes, we hope you'll enjoy. Also, worth reminding that everything about our product and our company will also be posted here, so if you are interest in staying in the loop about new features and ideas, this is the place.

Fortis fortuna adiuvat - Terence

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